How PrayBuzz Works


Choose Your Audience

You control who sees each request. Share with all your friends, a small group, or keep it visible only to you.

Get PrayBuzz Alerts

Find out when your friends and family pray for you, comment, or update a prayer status. You can even schedule reminders to pray.

See How God Answers

Celebrate together from wherever you are as friends announce answered prayers.

What Our Users Are Saying

“PrayBuzz is essential! Great resource to pray for others, pray intentionally and get real time updates of people you're praying for.”
Alex Barrett Executive Pastor of Church in the Valley
“Most used app! My favorite feature is the Prayminder. Helps me not to forget to pray for things on a regular basis. It’s very encouraging to get notifications every time someone prays for you.”
Jace Albright Physical Therapist
“Such a great resource! Love the privacy, Prayminder, filtering options and overall functionality.”
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